Spider Farmer R90 Dimmable Series 450W Review

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4.4/5 on July 21, 2017

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  • Energy-efficient light.
  • High PAR value.
  • Dimming functions allows for tweaking of light quality.
  • Luminosity range of 8115- 8277 lumens.
  • Supports bloom and vegetative lighting modes.
  • Lifespan averages 100,000hours.
  • 12-month warranty.


  • Wrong use causes foliage discoloration.
  • Power blackouts shuts it down as it lacks a built-in battery back-up.


Spider Farmer R-90 is a high-quality, multi-functional and non-heating energy-saving grow light that uses 90 powerful LEDs and a 120-degree reflector to illuminate 12-band full-spectrum light along with infra-red (IR) light, with its dimming function tweaking the lighting to support plant growth throughout the crop cycle.

Spider Farmer is a high-grade dimmable full-spectrum grow light. It uses 90 powerful LEDs to emit 12-band of full-spectrum light along with the infra-red light. Light is dispersed well into the plant bed using its unique 120-degree reflector panel. It’s dimmer function works well in both the bloom and veg lighting modes of the grow lamp.

It is rated as a 450-watt lamp but its circuitry only draws a maximum of about 206 watts. This dimmable lamp offers unique benefits to the user, but it also comes with 2 main demerits both of which are listed below, alongside a fair verdict. Afterwards, there is a review of Spider-Farmer Dimmable-Series 450W LED Grow-Light.

Overview of Spider-Farmer Dimmable-Series 450W LED Grow-Light features

SpiderFarmer-R90Spider Farmer is a powerful, durable, and multi-functional energy-saving grow light with dual dimmers and a well-designed 120-degree reflector. The reflector collects the dispersed light, and combines it with the well-directed light, and then directs the combined light deep into the crop foliage. This model is designed, built, and tested by the China-based company, Shenzhen Meizhi Guang-Dian Limited. Its model number is R90.

SpiderFarmer-R90 has been built as a substitute to the 450-watt high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps including its metal-halide and HPS (high-pressure sodium) lamp variants. It is specifically designed to use AC (alternating current) power of either 110-120 volts or 220-240 volts. Still, its manufacturer states that it can use any AC power source that provides anywhere between 85 and 265 volts of electricity.

This compactly-designed, lightweight lamp model weighs about 8.85 pounds, and its rectangular base is 15.7 inches long and 8.3 inches wide, and its height averages 2.8 inches. Its LED panel has 87 high-quality and powerful full-spectrum LED chips and 3 IR chips. Those produce light with high photosynthetically-active radiation (PAR) whose value is estimated at 540.1umol.

Because the LED chips also release heat when they convert electrical energy to light, this model comes with 2 fast-speed, whisper-quiet fans. Fans are a powerful way of cooling alongside dense vents that allow for optimal air circulation and rapid heat dissipation. This gives this lamp a very low heat signature that prevents it from burning foliage when placed at the recommended height above plants.

SpiderFarmer-R90The recommended height according to the manufacturer is 18 inches above the canopy. At this height, this grow light can light up a crop bed measuring 3.5 feet by 2 feet. The amount of light it produces is quantified by its luminosity value which differs depending on the input voltage. Its luminosity value is 8267-8277 lumens at 120 volts, and 8115-8125 lumens at 240 volts. It produces light of three wavelength ranges; the 450-475nm range, the 620-630nm range, and the 650~660nm range; along with infra-red light whose wavelength is 730nm.

The light quality can be selected using one of the 2 lighting-mode switches; the veg switch and the bloom switch. In the veg mode, the lamp draws 134.6watts at 1.237amperes from a 110-volt power source and 133 watts at 0.623 amperes from a 220-watt power source. In the bloom mode, it draws 72.4 watts at 0.623 amperes from a 110-volt power source and 65.1 watts at 0.307 amperes from a 220-watt power source.

The light quality is either of the 2 lighting modes can be accentuated using the dimming function which allows the plants to receive the right light quality for their respective developmental stage.

The lifespan of SpiderFarmer-R90 is estimated at 100,000 hours, and it is backed by a 1-year warranty.

For what kind of use SpiderFarmer-R90 is suitable for?

SpiderFarmer-R90 is designed for use in indoor gardens, greenhouses, and hydroponics. It is therefore built to be used by both intermediate-level and professional plant breeders, horticulturists, gardeners, and experts of hydroculture.

How does it work?

R90 uses a total of 90 LED chips to convert the electrical current flowing through its internal circuit into light energy, with 87 chips producing 12-band full-spectrum light while 3 IR LED chips produce infra-red light. It’s dual-dimming functions reduce the amount of current reaching the LEDs hence reducing the light produced accordingly.

Price-Benefit Assessment

his pocket-friendly price tag allows the customer to acquire a well-built, durable, and compactly-designed power-efficient full-spectrum grow light that is built from quality materials. This gives this model an exceptionally good performance-to-cost ratio.

What customers say about this product?

Most customers like it and give it a favorable review. Most customers praise its affordability and energy-saving quality that still retains high luminosity values. Other value it as a well-cooled grow light that cannot burn delicate foliage. Still, others praise it for being a durable, high-performance grow light that supports dimming and tweaking of light quality.

How long is warranty?

The product is supported by a 12-months warranty.

Final Recommendation

Spider Farmer R-90 is a powerful, multi-functional and durable energy-saving grow light. It’s 12-band full-spectrum and infra-red light is produced from 90 powerful LEDs. Those are backed by a 120-degree reflector. The supporting dimming function allows tweaking the lighting to support plant growth throughout the full cycle. If you desire a durable, high-quality LED-based grow lamp that supports adjusting of light, you should consider owning a Spider Farmer R-90.

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