California Lightworks Solarstorm 440W with UVB Review

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4.5/5 on July 17, 2017

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  • Energy-efficient LED-based grow light.
  • Has selectable switches.
  • Compact design.
  • 36 months warranty.


  • Lacks secondary optics.
  • Can precipitate leaf burns if used improperly.


SolarStorm 440 is a compactly-designed, energy-efficient LED-based grow light whose high PAR rating and dual veg-and-bloom mode support plant growth during the entire crop cycle.

SolarStorm 440 is a powerful, compactly-designed LED-based grow light that features a dual veg-and-bloom mode to support plant growth during the entire crop cycle. Its panel houses two distinct light sources; Super-high Flux Light-emitting diodes and ultraviolet-B (UV-B) T-8 tubes. There is 88 super-high flux LED-chips and 2 UV-B T8 tubes, and together they can draw a maximum of 440 watts of power.

This model features a high-grade glass-based primary optics, which allows it to light deep into the plant canopy. Despite its unique merits, it still has 2 chief demerits which are listed below alongside the merits. This listing aids in reaching a fair opinion about this product. After the verdict, there is an elaborate review.

Overview of Solarstorm 440W LED features

solarstorm 440 led grow light

Compact all in one plant light that is for sale at reasonable price

It is a compactly-designed, energy-efficient LED-based grow light with an exceptionally high PAR rating. Its built-in optics rely predominantly on the 90-degree glass-based primary optics which is made from jewel-quality glass. This model does not have secondary optics, as the primary optics are sufficient to to ensure that the light emitted is able to penetrate deep into the canopy of the plant garden being cultivated.

This ability of emitting deep-penetrating light ensures that the amount of Photosynthetically-Active Radiation (abbreviated as PAR) is adequate to support both photosynthesis and proper development of the plant morphology through a process called photomorphogenesis. This model is designed, manufactured, and tested by California Lightworks, a US-based company.

This electrically-powered grow light has a total of 90 light emitting components which are prearranged as described hereafter. There are 88 super-high flux LED-chips which are arranged in rows in 2 length-wise pockets located in the middle compartment of the panel. The power rating for each of these chips is 5 watts, and if all of them are lighted up simultaneously, they draw a maximum theoretical power of 440 watts.

The large middle compartment of the panel is sandwiched by two long and slender slots, one on either side. Inside each slot is fitted a 15-watt T-8 tube. However, these UV-tubes are not turned on by default when the super-high flux LED-chips are turned on, and this ensures that no more than 440-watts can be drawn without the user intentionally engaging the grow light to draw more power. Furthermore, the T-8 UV tubes are incorporated as supplementary lights, which can be used during the flowering phase of crop development. For this reason, these two T-8 tubes have a separate selectable switch that can be used to turns them on when necessary.

Solarstorm 440 led grow light from the bottom

Bottom view

The light intensity emitted by the super-high flux LEDs are enough to support photosynthesis and photomorphogenesis as the light wavelengths cover the entire range of the visible electromagnetic spectrum. This ensures that plants get the blue-red light that accelerates the germination process, and the additional green light that accelerates crop maturation.

SolarStorm 440 was built as a replacement for the 600-watts metal-halide grow lamp, and the 600-watts high-pressure sodium (HPS) grow lamp. Both of these lamps belong to the high-intensity discharge (HID) class of grow lights. Because the model can draw a theoretical maximum of 440 watts of power, or 470 watts if the T-8 tubes are lighted up, while producing an equivalent light intensity as the 600-watt metal-halide and HPS lamps, then it is evident that it is more economical in terms of power consumption.

The compact design allows it to be fitted in relatively tight places. This model has a near-square cross-section that is 22 inches long and 20 inches wide. Its overall height is 7 inches. This model weighs 15 pounds, which makes it relatively lightweight as compared to its size. This low weight-to-size ratio allows it to be fitted on strong hangers. Its model number, or part number, is CLW0300. Its color scheme is red.

This grow light must be mounted more than 18 inches above the crop canopy, or else the heat emitted can burn the top-most leaves of the plants being cultivated.

This model has a coverage area of 6-feet by 6-feet when the veg (vegetative) mode is activated, and 3-feet by 3-feet if the bloom mode is activated. There are two separate switches that sandwich the power inlet port, with one switch being for the veg mode and the other for the bloom mode. When the veg mode is activated, the unit draws in 235 watts, and if the bloom mode is activated, the power input increases to 320 watts (or 350 watts if the UV tubes are also activated). Thus the actual power consumption value of this model approximates to slightly over 350 watts, and not the theoretical 470 watts.

This unit is cooled by a combination of a heat sink, and well-placed, silent high-speed fans.

For what kind of use the product is suitable for?

This model suits amateur and professional practitioners of horticulture, aqua-farming, indoor gardening, hydroponics, and aquaculture.

How does it work?

SolarStorm 440 has a power cable whose end terminates into a top-plug that can fit easily into ordinary house-hold AC power sockets. Once the top-plug is fitted and the cable secured to the power inlet of the unit, the user then needs to choose which of the two swicthes, the veg or bloom switch, to turn on; and afterwards power on the unit.

Manufacturers technical specifications


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Price-Benefit Assessment

The product retails for quite fair price as it allows a consumer to acquire a durable, high-quality energy-efficient LED grow light; and benefits from its high performance. This ultimately gives the product a good performance-to-cost ratio.

What SolarStorm 440 owners say?

The product is sold online through its official webpage at A review of this webpage shows that this unit was received well in the indoor farming market with most users commending it for its durability, affordability, and energy-efficiency. Others appreciated its design and relatively low weight which made it possible for them to mount it in their indoor crop farms. Others value it as an aesthetically-designed high-performance grow light.

What kind of guarantee there is?

The product comes with a 36-months (or 3-year) manufacturer’s warranty.

Final Recommendation

SolarStorm 440 is an energy-efficient, 440-watt LED-based grow light whose high PAR rating and use of optics allows it to deliver sufficient light to crops to support them during their entire crop cycle. If you require a compactly-designed yet powerful and energy-efficient LED plant light, this is a quite perfect choice.

Hopefully this article was helpful! If you have any questions or comments about this product, please leave them below. Read other full spectrum LED grow light reviews and find out more information about plant lights.

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