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  • Exceptionally high PAR (Photosynthetically-Active Radiation) per watt
  • Has switches to select light intensity for vegetative and flowering phases.
  • Lifespan of 50,000-100,000 hours.
  • Relatively low power consumption.
  • 60-months warranty.


  • Can cause leaf burn if placed less than 12 inches away from the plant.
  • Can only be fitted on powerful beams or roofs.


PlatinumLED P900 is a high-quality, well-designed, and reasonably-priced grow light whose high PAR per lumen output for each watt of electricity consumed radiates plants with enough blue and red light to support their germination, while its far-red and green light is adequate to ensure proper photomorphogenesis (or proper growth and development) of the germinated seedlings.

The PlatinumLED P900 is an advanced 12-band full spectrum grow light specially designed to support both the vegetative and flowering phases of plant growth. This electrically-powered artificial light source emits the full range of photon wavelengths that are found in the electromagnetic spectrum. This allows it to serve as either a supplemental light for plants receiving insufficient light or to replace natural light entirely, while providing the full benefits of it, for plants that are being cultivated indoors.

Its luminous efficacy is adequate for both photosynthesis and photomorphogenesis, which operate in concert to ensure full plant growth while optimizing the range of biochemical diversity within the plants, as well as improving their biomass quality. Still, despite its unique advantages, this LED grow light suffers from 2 main disadvantages which are listed below, along with a fair review.

Overview of features

The P900 is powerful, compactly-designed light which has a high PAR per watt rating. It is a 260-volts 12-band spectrum that features a secondary 90-degree focusing lens that allows the light emitted to penetrate deep through the canopy of the plants being cultivated. This model is designed and manufactured by a U.S-based company, Platinum-Led Lights, LLC.

This plant light was built as a replacement of the 1000-watt high-pressure sodium (HPS) light that belongs to the high-intensity discharge (HID) category of grow lights. Its arrays are made up of 300 LED-chips, with each having a power rating of 3 watts. This gives it a maximum power consumption of 900 watts.

p900 switches

There are the bloom and veg power switches.

However, this product is designed to provide different light intensities so as to support plant growth from its germinative phase till its flowering phase. This attribute is showcased by the incorporation of 2 selectable switches, the bloom and veg power switches, on the side of the casing.

The bloom power switch ensures that the product draws in 515 watts to support plant growth during the flowering (also called fruiting) phase; while the veg (short for vegetative) power switch ensures that only 279 watts are drawn to support plant growth during their germination phase. Therefore, the actual maximum power usage by PlatinumLED 900 is 515 watts, which makes it a much greater energy-saving product as compared to the 1000-watts HPS-HID grow lamp.

The amperage for the bloom power phase is 4.7 amperes at 110-volts, and 2.3 amperes at 220-volts. On the other hand, the amperage for the veg power phase is 2.5 amperes at 110-volts, and 1.3 amperes at 220-volts.

The casing is 36 inches long and 12 inches wide, while its overall height is about 3 inches. It weighs about 35 pounds, and this weight-to-size ratio indicates that it must be mounted on a strong, non-buckling roof, or be fitted on strong beams. According to its manufacturer, the product must be fitted 18 inches above the canopy of the indoor plant farm. At this height, the maximum coverage, or area that can be lighted adequately, is 6 feet by 4.5 feet; while the core coverage area is 5 feet by 3 feet.

It is a 12-band spectrum grow light, and this allows it to emit adequate light for optimal plant growth and development. As a 12-band spectrum light, it blends 12 different light spectra which ensure that it emits light ranging from ultraviolet light to infrared light. In simple terms, it emits light whose wavelength range covers the section of the electromagnetic spectrum that starts from near-ultraviolet light, then goes through the full range of visible light wavelengths, till it ends at the far infra-red wavelength.

This gives it a complete spectral output that is well-tuned for indoor plant cultivation. Likewise, as a well-blended 12-band spectrum LED light, it is able to emit enough light to optimize plant yield while consuming as less power as possible. This minimal power usage also gives it a low heat signature.

p900 fans

There are four whisper-quiet, high-speed fans.

LED-chips are fitted into casings that incorporate built-in fans and an efficient heat sink.It has 4 whisper-quiet, high-speed fans, that are well-positioned inside its casing to ensure that the chips are properly cooled down during operation. It also has a high-grade aluminum heat sink which can efficiently dissipate heat, hence preventing burning out of the internal circuitry.

The lifespan of this model is estimated to be between 50,000 and 100,000 hours.

For what kind of use P900 is suitable?

The model is suitable for people practicing horticulture, hydroponics, indoor gardening, and aquaculture. It can also be arranged in rows to support large-scale indoor horticulture and aero-farms.

How does it work?

PlatinumLED P900 is a power-saving product that emits a light spectrum whose wavelength range mimics the light wavelengths found in natural light emitted by the sun. Even so, it offers one unique benefit as compared to sunlight, and that is its ability to produce green light whose high luminous efficacy serves to optimises the process of photomorphogenesis of a developing seedling, as well as optimizes the photosynthetic process when this seedling develops leaves capable of carrying out photosynthesis.

This grow light must be fitted 18 inches above the plants, and for growing plants, this would require constant height adjustment. However, some farmers can fit it at a fixed position above the plant bed, so long as it is high enough to prevent plant leaves from being burnt by the radiation intensity of the emitted heat and light. Also, because the amount of light reaching the plant varies during the different stages of plant development, the efficiency of this model is measured by the amount of PAR that reaches the plant, as the value of the photosynthetically active radiation indicates how much light that can support photosynthesis reaches the plant.

Technical specifications

Product Specs
HID Replacement 1000w HPS
Width 12 in | 30 cm
Length 36 in | 91 cm
Height 3 in | 8 cm
Weight 35 lbs | 16 kg
Max Coverage at 18″ Height 6’x4′
Core Coverage at 18″ Height 5’x3′
Chips Quantity 300x3w
Lifespan 50,000 – 100,000 hours
12-Band Spectrum Included
Secondary Focusing Lens 90┬░
Warranty 5 Year Complete Warranty
Voltage AC85-260V
Bloom Power 515 watts
Veg Power 279 watts
Amperage (Veg + Bloom) 4.7A @ 110V / 2.3A @ 220V
Amperage (Veg Switch Only) 2.5A @ 110V / 1.3A @ 220V

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Price-Benefit Assessment

The product retail price is quite reasonable as compared to the features that it has, and the benefits that it offers to the end-user, including the long-lasting lighting of indoor gardens or farms. Likewise, it benefits from a 60-months warranty which covers construction defects and factory-created circuitry faults. Therefore, the user gets a high-quality product, along with a valid warranty, at a fair price; and it can be deduced that this model has a good cost-to-performance ratio.

What customers say about P900?

According to its online sales page, PlatinumLED 900 was well-received in the grow lights market with most users praising it for its unique design, durability, and fair pricing. Even so, most customers were thrilled by its performance and relatively low consumption of power. Still, others praised it for its core coverage area, which they rate as high as compared to other alternative products.

What kind of guarantee there is?

This product benefits from a 60-months warranty guaranteed by the manufacturer.

Final remarks about the product

PlatinumLED P900 is a high-quality, compactly-designed, and reasonably-priced grow light with a high PAR per lumen output for each watt of electricity consumed. This model is a 260-volts 12-band spectrum that features a secondary 90-degree focusing lens that allows the light emitted to penetrate deep through the canopy of the plants being cultivated. If you need a powerful 12-band LED full spectrum plant light, then it is a good choice. We here at think that P900 is one of the best products within its price range.

Hopefully, this review was helpful! If you have any questions or comments about the product, please leave them below. Find out other reviews of full spectrum grow lights and discover useful info about how to utilize LED plant lights at indoor gardens.

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