Why Should You Use LED Grow Lights?

LED Grow Lights

Everyone wants to do his/her part to support the environment. People from every part of the world are concerned about global warming and this is the reason the demand and sales of LED lights are escalating because they consume less electricity, thereby helping the environment. Those also saves a lot of money what it comes to the electricity bill. Furthermore, these are extremely effective for boosting photosynthesis, making them perfect choice for indoor gardens.

Benefits of LED-chips based plant lights

One of the major benefits is their long-lasting nature. Moreover, the lumen output they provide is much higher as compared to normal lights and of course, they are also very reasonable priced.

There are people who wish to have an indoor garden, but because of lack of sunlight, it is impossible to grow plants. This is the situation where plant lights especially prove their power. These type of lights are fabricated in such a way that plants receive all necessary light wavelengths for photosynthesis without being harmed. Let’s take a look at some key benefits of why you should use LED grow lights.

led light bulb

Bulbs and panels consists usually LED-chips emitting multiple wavelengths of light

What are grow lights?

Before moving any further, it is important to know what grow lights actually are? These are commonly known as plant lights. Basically, these are artificial sources of light which is produced with the help of electricity.

These products are designed to stimulate the growth of the plant by producing an electromagnetic spectrum which is suitable for the process of photosynthesis. They are used in conditions lacking natural occurring light or the conditions which require supplement lights. Utilizing artificial light you can have a big indoor plantation full of plants even in a completely windowless room.

Let’s take a look at some important benefits and advantages of these products.


LED lights are maintenance free and components last long, even ´many years.

Long lasting

One of the major advantages that LED grow lights have over normal lights is their ability to perform for a longer time. We can say that they have an extended lifetime, even up to 50.000 to 100.000 hours and more. However, check manufacturer’s technical specifications for the model before you buy. Make sure that lifetime is at least 50.000 hours. It is equal to five years of continuous use.

These products are based on Light Emitting Diodes, that is the main reason which makes them last longer compared to ordinary models. Also, the energy used is low in comparison to other types of lights. Long lifetime is the advantage you surely want to take.

Another unique feature that differentiates them from others is the capacity to warn before losing the power. It means they won’t suddenly stop working, but will gradually lose their brightness before dying. This gives you time to get a replacement in time. Furthermore, bulbs and panels consist tens if not hundreds of chips, which are not going to broke all at once. Most likely, when the product comes close to its maximum lifespan, you will notice just that some chips are dark and a few are emitting with less brightness. This all gives you time to get a replacement in a time. Some high-end models could have also an option to replace individual chips if you wish to do so. That is pretty cool, but in reality, in five years, there is so much better models for sale that there is no idea to do maintenance for five-year-old products.

Flexibility factor

One thing you won’t stop applauding about these products is the type of flexibility they provide. By flexibility, I mean the freedom to use them in any possible way. You can utilize them according to your preferences. That’s why LED grow lights are the favorites from small to big indoor gardeners.

To get the best results, light bulbs and panels should always be kept close to the plants. It ensures that plants are getting an optimum light to grow properly. Read manufacturer’s recommendations for the minimum and maximum distance for the product you are buying. It gives you a quite exact idea how much there should be space between pants is bulb/panel.

Increased brightness

Generally, in normal plant lights, it is the fact that those emit heat more than the light. Of course, both are necessary for the growth of a plant, but only when they are in ideal proportion. When you use LED based grow lights, you get a properly balanced emission of light and heat. That is because of they are designed to give more light and less/optimum heat. This balanced emission is beneficial for plants, because of excessive heat negatively affect the plant growth.


LED-components does not produce too much heat.

Better for plants overall health

You might have noticed that sodium light emits a lot of heat. The core temperature of these sodium lights reaches 1200oC and this makes them very dangerous for plants. Also, plants in a closed garden will benefit less from old style lights. To compensate the heat, water gets lost and the environment becomes easily disease-prone.

In these circumstances, LED grow lights are the perfect solution. They stay easily under 60oC. Knowing this, waves of all your worries when you leave your house for a few hours. Also, these LED-chip based lamps usually do not require external fans.

Better yield with less energy

People are generally attracted towards HPS/MH lamps by seeing the high emission, but one thing you should note that this type of light may be best for humans, but it is not the best for plants. The first reason is plants do not have eyes and secondly, only a fraction of light emitted from these sources is useful for photosynthesis.

The light emitted from the HPS/MH lamps is only utilized 50 percent by the plants whereas emission from LED lights is utilized between 70 – 99 percent. So, it is always advisable to go for LED grow lights. You will get better yield with much less energy.

LED based plant lights helps to save money

LED-based plant lights help to save money as they don’t use so much electricity.

Reduced cost

When you purchase modern LED grow lights, they may seem to be priced high but, they turn out to be less expensive because of all through their life, they let you save a huge amount of money by consuming less electricity.

Moreover, you don’t need to replace them so often like other lamps which need to be replaced quite often. Furthermore, they let you save the money as you don’t need to buy fans to reduce heat. However, the need for ventilation and fans depends on of the size of your grow room. If you have multiple units, fans could be necessary to keep the temperature under control.

Great Growth

It has been found through researches that a speedy growth is observed in plants when they are exposed to the full spectrum of the light. Moreover, adjusting duration of daily light increases growth even more. These results are remarkable in the research in the field of horticulture. Without going too much into science details, we can say that LED grow lights provide suitable lighting environment for the plants to grow rapidly.

full spectrum diagram

LEDs are emitting the most useful wavelengths for photosynthesis

Targeted Wavelengths

Whether you are growing plants in your home or outside following the greenhouse technique, you need to regularly check, regulate, control and update the conditions. The most important thing is the availability of right temperature for healthy growth of plants.

Researchers have shown that plants when exposed to specific wavelengths of light, absorb most chlorophyll. These specific wavelengths of light are red and blue colored lights. Between 400-500 nm and 600-700 nm is the range where chlorophyll absorption occurs the highest. The traditional HPS lights fail to provide it because most of the light output in HPS lights fall outside this range.

However, LED lights have the ability to meet these peak absorption ranges. Therefore, special LEDs are used at the red and blue wavelengths closest to the optimum values. This proves that the growth efficiency of the plant can be enhanced by utilizing targeted wavelengths and minimum energy is lost during the whole process of plant growth. 

Other benefits of LED Grow Lights

  • The different types of plants you grow require different temperatures for their growth, flowering or photosynthesis phase. It means more care. They provide the right temperature and environment. It could be even better compared to an outdoor garden.
  • They provide a full-spectrum of light, which can be further modified according to your plant’s special requirements.
  • These help the plant to grow without diseases and pests which increase the yield of the plant.
  • The set-up cost of an indoor garden is cheaper compared to the traditional type of lights.  

Hopefully, this information clarified why LED grow light will give you the best results and benefits what it comes to indoor growing. If you have any questions or comments, please post them below. Read buying guide to find the best models available at the market and find more useful information about plant lights.


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