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  • High PAR rating.
  • Energy-efficient grow light.
  • Has selectable switches to optimize plant growth during their vegetative and flowering phases.
  • Compactly-designed.
  • Comes with 5 years warranty.
  • Lifespan of at least 50,000 hours.


  • Can burn leaves if placed less than 18 inches to the plants.
  • Can only be fitted on powerful or strong beams or roof structure.


PlatinumLED P600 is an energy-efficient 600-watt, 12-band full spectrum LED-based grow light that can support the main plant developmental phases of vegetative and flowering phases; by using only 200 3-watt LED pieces whose light is efficiently focused on the plant bed using a 90-degree secondary focusing lens.

The PlatinumLED P600 is a 600-watt 12-band full spectrum LED-based grow light that can support the two main plant developmental phases; the vegetative and flowering phases. Its panel is filled up with 200 LED-chips arranged in rows along the length of the panel casing. This model comes with a built-in 90-degree secondary focusing lens. Its unique advantages are listed below alongside its 2 key demerits, and a fair verdict stated afterward.

Overview of Platinum Series P600 LED Grow Light Features

PlatinumLED P600 is an energy-efficient, compactly-designed 12-band full spectrum plant light whose high PAR rating and 90-degree secondary focusing lens enable it to provide deep lighting for plants being grown under artificial light. This electrically-powered model is capable of emitting light wavelengths that cover the visible light spectrum of the electromagnetic spectrum, as well as emit near ultraviolet light and far-infrared light. This model is made by Platinum-Led Lights, LLC; and its model number is P600, which denotes the maximum power it can draw.

This model was designed as an energy-efficient alternative to the 800-watt HPS (high-pressure sodium) light which is part of the high-intensity discharge grow lamps. Each of the chips in the panel has a maximum power rating of 3.0 watts; and because there are 200 chips, then the theoretical maximum power draw is 600 watts, which is 200-watts more efficient than the 800-watt HID-HPS grow lamp; while still producing full-spectral light of equivalent intensity. Even so, the product is designed to support light emission of different intensities so as to cater for different light needs for plants in different stages of development and maturation.

It is a compact model that measures 36 inches in length, and 8inches in width, while its thickness is 3 inches. Its average weight is 11 kilograms (24 pounds). The size-to-weight ratio necessitates this model to be mounted on strong or non-buckling roof beams. It is also recommended that this model is lifted at least 18 inches above the plants. If it is mounted 18 inches above the plant canopy, its maximum coverage area is 6feet by 3.75 feet, while its core coverage area averages 5feet by 2feet.

p600 switches

There are important the veg switch and the bloom switches.

The power input port is sandwiched between two selectable switches; the veg switch and the bloom switch. The veg switch engages the grow light to emit its complete spectrum light but with the blue and purple light given more prominence. This is because the blue and purple light wavelengths favor leaf developments, a critical developmental milestone for seedlings which have just germinated as this allows them to start photosynthesizing at a rapid rate, which also supports proper development of the plant shape (which is normally called photomorphogenesis).

As the seedlings develop and mature, they begin to flower and eventually fruit as they produce seeds for propagating the next generation of plants. During the flowering or fruiting phase, the bloom switch is turned on, and this engages the bloom spectrum of the light, which is basically the light spectrum of the veg phase, but with more prominence given to the pink and red light output. For this reason, this model can be used to illuminate the plants from their germination phase till their harvest phase, and this gives the model a unique advantage over other products, and that is that it does not require a supplemental light to function efficiently. Thus, P600 is a standalone model that can support plant germination, vegetative growth, maturation, flowering, and fruiting.

The veg switch allows this model to draw in 184 watts of power at 3.1amperes at 110-volts, or 1.6amperes at 220-volts. On the other hand, the bloom switch allows it to draw in 345 watts of power at 1.7amperes at 110-volts, or 0.8amperes at 220-volts.

This product has a good PAR rating. PAR is an abbreviation of Photosynthetic Active Radiation, and it denotes the light intensity that reaches the plant, and how much of this light can support photosynthesis. The use of a 12-band light spectral output improves the PAR of this model. Even so, the PAR efficiency is rated as high largely due to its build technology. This model uses proprietary ultra-efficient drives along with top-bin American-made diodes to emit light.

The advantage of this technology is that the drivers draw in less power while efficiently delivering almost all the drawn power to the light-emitting diodes which light up at full intensity. This ensures that less power is wasted as heat, hence making this model an energy-efficient.

p600 cooling fans

There are quiet cooling fans.

As a 12-band full spectrum grow lamp, it emits the full range of light wavelength that supports optimal plant growth. Likewise, its high-speed, whisper-quiet fans are well-placed inside the casing to ensure that heat dissipation is maximized; while it’s high-grade aluminum heat-sink ensures that the chips are cooled properly during operation.

The model has a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours.

For what kind of use P600 Grow Light is suitable?

The model suits both amateur and professional horticulturists practicing indoor horticulture or maintaining an aqua-farm. Likewise, people practicing aquaculture, indoor gardening, and hydroponics will also benefit immensely from using this model.

How does it work?

This is an energy-efficient lamp which emits full spectral light. This is light whose wavelength range closely approximate the light wavelengths of solar light. Still, this product allows the user to tweak the light is emitted so as to improve its luminous efficacy, while at the same time optimizing the processes of photosynthesis and photomorphogenesis.

This model has a power cable that terminates into a top plug that can be fitted into any AC wall socket, and this is all the user needs to do before switching on the light.

P600 technical specifications

Product Specs
HID Replacement 800w HPS
Width 8 in | 20 cm
Length 36 in | 91 cm
Height 3 in | 8 cm
Weight 24 lbs | 11 kg
Max Coverage at 18″ Height 6’x3.75′
Core Coverage at 18″ Height 5’x2′
Chips Quantity 200x3w
Lifespan 50,000 – 100,000 hours
12-Band  Spectrum Included
Secondary Focusing Lens 90┬░
Warranty 5 Year Complete Warranty
Voltage AC85-260V
Bloom Power 345 watts
Veg Power 184 watts
Amperage (Veg + Bloom) 3.1A @ 110V / 1.6A @ 220V
Amperage (Veg Switch Only) 1.7A @ 110V / 0.8A @ 220V

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Price-Benefit Assessment

The retail price is reasonable. The product gives the end-users an unmatched advantage as it allows them to acquire a high-quality, well-designed, and durable energy-efficient grow light at an affordable cost. Likewise, it’s 60-months warranty covers design and factory-created circuitry defects; and it serves to give the consumer an assurance that the product purchased is supported by a reputable firm. When all the aforementioned facts are considered together, it is quite obvious that this product has an exceptionally high performance-to-cost ratio.

What P600 owners say about the product?

The manufacturer hosts one of its online sales-page at, and based on the review attached at the review section of this page, it is was evident that this model was well-received by customers, with many appraising it as a durable, affordable, and well-designed energy-efficient light. Other customers rate it highly as a high-performance model, while other praise it for its relatively large coverage area as compared to its size and height requirements profile.

What kind of guarantee there is?

The product comes with a 60-months (or 5-year) warranty that is completely guaranteed and supported by the manufacturer.

Final Recommendation

PlatinumLED P600 is an energy-efficient 600-watt, 12-band full spectrum LED-based grow light that can support the main plant developmental phases of vegetative and flowering phases; by using only 200 3-watt chips whose light is efficiently focused on the plant bed using a 90-degree secondary focusing lens. If you want to acquire a powerful, energy-efficient 12-band spectrum light, this is a quite perfect solution.

Hopefully, this review was helpful! If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. Read other plant light reviews and discover more information about using plant lights for maximum results.

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