Platinum Series P300 LED Plant Light Review

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4.8/5 on July 17, 2017

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  • Compact design.
  • Emits high doses of photosynthetically-active radiation (PAR).
  • Energy-efficient LED-based light.
  • Uses 2 selectable switches for optimization of crop growth and maturation.
  • Supported by a 60 months (5 years) warranty.
  • Has a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours.


  • Can cause heat damage to leaves if used inappropriately.
  • Needs to be mounted only on strong roof beams or structure.


PlatinumLED P300 is a compactly-designed 300-watt LED-based grow light whose 100 LED bulbs emit a 12-band light spectrum that supports plant growth and development for their entire crop cycle, with the luminous efficacy of this model being improved by its incorporation of a 90-degree secondary light-focusing lens.

PlatinumLED P300 is a compactly-designed 300-watt LED-based grow light whose 12-band light spectrum supports plant growth and development for their entire crop cycle, with special emphasis placed the vegetative and fruiting/flowering stages of plant development. It is so-called full spectrum plant light. The LED panel of this model houses 100 chips which are arranged in a series of alternating length-wise rows of 13 bulbs and 12 bulbs.

There are 4 rows that contain 13 bulbs per row and another 4 rows that hold 12 bulbs per row. This unit has an inbuilt 90-degree secondary light focusing lens that allows the light emitted by the LED-chips to reach deep into the thicket of crops being cultivated under this artificial light. Therefore, this model is built to provide usable light to crops. Even though this model offers distinct advantages to the user, it also has 2 main demerits which are listed below, along with a fair opinion regarding this model. This is then followed by a review of Advanced Platinum-Series P300 Grow-Light.

Overview of Advanced Platinum-Series P300 Grow-Light features

PlatinumLED P300 is a compact, energy-efficient LED light whose 12-band full spectrum light has a PAR value due to its luminous efficacy that is supported by its use of a 90-degree secondary light-focusing lens. This powerful electrically-powered artificial light does emit a range of electromagnetic rays whose wavelengths covers the near-violet light spectrum through the visible light spectrum to the far-infrared spectrum. This allows it to emit white light that can be tweaked to give prominence to the red, green, or blue light wavelengths when necessary. This unit is manufactured by a Hawaii-based company that bases its main warehouse in California, the PlatinumLED Lights, LLC. This unit is given the model number P300.

This model was created as an alternative or replacement of the 400-watt high-pressure sodium (HPS), and 400-watt metal halide grow lamps which both belong to the HID (high-intensity discharge) category of grow lamps. The model can draw a theoretical, or nominal, maximum of 300 watts of power because its panel has 100 chips with each having a maximum power rating of 3.0-watt. This panel can emit light of equivalent intensity, if not of better quality, than either of the two 400-watt HID grow lamps.

This compact unit is 19 inches long, 9 inches wide, and 3 inches high. It weighs about 6 kilograms (13 pounds). Its compact size allows it to be mounted in tight spaces underneath the roof structure, while its relatively low weight allows it to be suspended by strong hanging cables. Even so, the hanging cables need to be secured to a strong, non-buckling roof beam. This unit must always be suspended above the plants at a minimum height of 18 inches. If it is 18 inches high, it can emit adequate light to cover a plant cultivation area of 4.5-feet by 3.8-feet with the core coverage area being approximately 3-feet by 2-feet.

p300 veg and bloom switches

There are handy veg and bloom switches.

It has the capacity to emit tweaked light whose intensity and wavelength quality are optimized to fully support crop development during its different developmental stages. There are 2 selectable switches that sandwich the power port, and these switches are designed to tweak the light quality being emitted. These 2 switches are the veg switch and the boom switch, and when turned on, they activate the veg mode and bloom mode of the unit respectively.

The veg mode emits white light that gives prominence to the purple and blue light while drawing 93 watts of power at 0.8amperes if 110 AC volts is used, or 0.4amperes if 220 AC volts is used. On the other hand, the bloom mode emits the light spectrum of the veg mode with an additional priority given to the red and pink lights; and this mode draws 93 watts of power at 1.6amperes if 110 AC volts is used, or 0.8amperes if 220 AC volts is used.

The veg mode accelerates the vegetative phase of crop development, while the bloom mode optimises the flowering and fruiting stages of crop maturation. As such, this model can be used as a standalone light-source to support the full crop cycle from germination through photomorphogenesis to flowering, fruiting and finally harvest.

p300 coolers

Two inbuilt fans included.

This model features proprietary super-efficient drives which work in concert with high-grade American-made top-bin diodes to maximize light output while optimizing the quality of light emitted by the light-emitting diodes. Likewise, its use of 2 high-speed, noise-muffled fans and high-grade aluminum heat-sink ensure that heat is dissipated efficiently hence reducing power wastage occasioned by the need to use an extra effort to cool the unit.

The lifespan of the product is more than 50,000hours.

Is it suitable for 420 beginners?

PlatinumLED P300 is purposely built for beginner to professional practitioners of indoor horticulture, aqua-farming, aquaculture, hydroponics, plant breeding, and indoor gardening. It is perfect for 420 beginners because of its easy to use, reasonably priced and offers everything small weed plantation needs what comes to lights.

How does it work?

The product is a compact LED-based grow lamp that serves to emit the full-range of 12-band spectral light. This light contains photons whose wavelengths cover the entire spectrum of solar light, hence ensuring that the crops are cultivated in conditions that closely mimic out-door farming, while at the same time fine-tuning the light spectrum to the unique needs of the crops during their distinct developmental stages. The use of a light-focusing lens optimises the luminous efficacy of this product as it ensures that light penetrates as far deep into the crop canopy at the base of the crops.

As an AC-powered unit, Pit comes with a cable fitted with a standard top-plug; and this allows it to be fit into any wall socket. It normally requires between 85-volts to 260-volts to run.

Technical specifications of P300 Grow Light

Product Specs
HID Replacement 400w HPS
Width 9 in | 23 cm
Length 19 in | 48 cm
Height 3 in | 8 cm
Weight 13 lbs | 6 kg
Max Coverage at 18″ Height 4.5’x3.8′
Core Coverage at 18″ Height 3’x2′
Chip Quantity 100x3w
Lifespan 50,000 – 100,000 hours
12-Band Spectrum Included
Secondary Focusing Lens 90°
Warranty 5 Year Complete Warranty
Voltage AC85-260V
Bloom Power 180 watts
Veg Power 93 watts
Amperage (Veg + Bloom) 1.6A @ 110V / 0.8A @ 220V
Amperage (Veg Switch Only) 0.8A @ 110V / 0.4A @ 220V

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Price-Benefit Assessment

The retail price-tag of the product is quite reasonable considering the high-quality materials used, as well as its use of avant-grade, high-performance LED technology. Likewise, this model is well-designed and build for energy-efficiency and durability, the latter being supported by a 5-year warranty. Therefore, it can be said that it has a very good price-to-quality ratio.

What P300 owners say about the product?

Most customers praise the product for being affordable, durable, and most importantly, energy efficient hence cutting their cost of operations. Other customers like it because its compact design allows it to be fit into tight roof spaces, or be suspended properly over the cultivated crops. Moreover, almost all customers appreciate it because it is a high-performance light.

What kind of guarantee manufacturer gives for the model?

The product comes has a 60-months Warranty. This guarantee is given by Platinum-Led Lights, LLC.

Final Recommendation

PlatinumLED P300 is a high-perfomance, compactly-designed 300-watt LED-based grow light whose 100chips emit a 12-band light spectrum that supports plant growth and development for their entire crop cycle, with the luminous efficacy of this model being improved by its incorporation of a 90-degree secondary light-focusing lens. If you need a powerful, affordable, and energy-efficient plant light that can produce a 12-band full-spectral light, This is a perfect choice for 420 beginner!

Hopefully, this review was useful. If you have any comments or questions about the product, please leave them below. Find out more interesting products from the best grow light available in the market article, and other important information about plant lights.

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